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L. is an artist who writes from a deeply emotive, autobiographical place. When she was younger, L. was told that feeling things so strongly was her weakness as she wears her heart on her sleeve, however audiences connect strongly to her emotional vulnerability. Having played live a lot last year, including at numerous festivals, L. realised that she wanted to not only write honest pop music, but also music that could make people dance and so she is currently writing and producing new music in that vein. You can watch the music video for her recent single 'Our Time' here which has had support from BBC Introducing in Berkshire, being described as "a big anthemic pop tune" 



Wednesday 8th February -

H264 @ The Book CLub, London 7pm. London’s first open-source filmmaking experience featuring live music, performance and moving image. Register online for £3 entry here - https://h264play.eventbrite.co.uk/ 




A huge thanks to all the radio stations and blogs so far who have shown support for my music. Here's a little selection...

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BBC Radio - BBC Introducing

L.'s second single Our Time gained support from the lovely Bridgitte Tetteh at BBC Radio in Berkshire, who described the single as a "big anthemic pop tune". L. was also interviewed about the single by Bridgitte in November, you can listen in below.

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Vibe FM - Watford

Vibe FM in Watford have also supported L's latest single 'Our Time'. Big thanks to Laura Alexadra for the spin! She says she "love that tune". L. will be performing a live session on Sunday 22nd January at Vibe FM.


the dutch guy

The Dutch Guy was the first blog to write about my music, describing my debut single Her Majesty as "Lasting, Lingering, Light-hearted, Likeable and makes this sister extremely Loveable..!"